Migrate a list from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

This is not the best practice method, but works well for most lists..
The first thing I did was save a list as a template in V3 and download to my local machine.
I then renamed the file from *.stp to *.cab and extracted the file Manifest.xml
The first change to make to manifest is to change

<productversion>3</productversion> to

Simple enough.
The next change I made was for any lookup fields I had.
Do a search in the file for your lookup fields.
You will see an attribute on the that looks like List=”{GUID}”.

All you have to do is change the attribute to List=”Lists/<List name>” where < List name> is the name of the lookup list. And that is it.

Create a new CAB file, add your manifest and rename the file to *.stp again.

Upload the template to the SharePoint 2010 templates gallery.

Make sure that all source lookup lists have been created and then create your new list from the template.

When I did this I even had it keep the data in the template and everything matched up perfectly.


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